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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Introducing...David Esai Du Tan McClymont

In 2005, we were blessed to adopt our little boy Noah (Tan Tong) from Changsha, China. Soon after returning home, Noah began talking about his best friend Du Tan. The boys had grown up together and had become very close. Both boys have Spina Bifida, and both need wheelchairs for their mobility, so they have a lot in common. Noah missed his best friend terribly. We began to sponsor Du Tan in 2006. We exchanged letters and packages, and before we knew what hit us...we were in love! We wanted so much to adopt him, but he wasn't registered for adoption. We began sending translated letters to the orphanage that oversees his case. They seemed happy that we were showing an interest, but month after month nothing happened. This went on for a year. Finally, in desperation, we contacted a few international adoption agencies. They tried repeatedly to help us, but were declined by the China Center of Adoption Affairs. One agency finally was able to work things out, and this past December we were matched to our sweet little bear cub! In one of the letters Noah received from Du Tan, he said, "Tan Tong, I still dream. I dream that I fly on a plane to America and you are there to collect me". Thus, the title of this blog! Little did Du Tan know that we were hard at work trying to adopt him! It is our desire to encourage anyone considering adoption to follow their heart. We know first hand how wonderful it is to welcome a child into your lives. We hope you enjoy following us on our journey to David!


Nikki said...

What an amazing story...

CAM said...

I saw your blog on, Blogs for a cause. I also have a little boy who we adopted from China 9 months ago, he just turned three. Your story is amazing, and I look forward seeing these two children reunited, as brothers!

Chelsie and DS: Max (SN Cerebral Palsy)