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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're leaving next week!!!

I can't believe that after two and a half l-o-n-g years I'm finally able to say that we're on our way to Du Tan! It has truly been a roller coaster of emotions. For a very long time we weren't at all sure that China would allow him to be registered for adoption. After many months, lost paperwork at the Civil Affairs Office in Changsha, and a lot of expired forms that needed to be redone on our part...we're on our way! Du Tan should be told this week that his new family is on their way to him...even though he has no idea that his new family includes his best friend Noah. His caretakers are busy helping him to prepare for life in a family. I've been told that he is busy putting together a photo album of his friends to bring along to the US. Only myself, Rachel and Noah will be traveling. We're flying in to Beijing and then hopping on a connector flight to Changsha the same day. By skipping the Beijing portion of the trip we'll be saving some much needed money. Once we arrive in Changsha, we'll be staying at an apartment owned by a Canadian family who lives there. They have been very kind to lend us their extra apartment during our stay. Du Tan visits them often, and is friends with their son Max. We're working on lining up some fun, wheelchair accessible, kid-friendly activities to do while we're there. Changsha is home to the largest Wal-Mart in the world. They also have the world's 2nd largest ferris wheel...but I'm not sure if we'll be brave enough to try it out! After that, it will be off to Guangzhou for our final week in China. All adoptive parents leave China through Guangzhou, due to the fact that the American Consulate is located there. In Guangzhou, we'll be staying at the famous White Swan hotel...at least it's famous to most adoptive families! :)Noah is so excited that he is having trouble sleeping and he keeps telling me that his belly is excited. He hasn't seen his best buddy since November of 2005, when we came to adopt him. I don't think Du Tan even knew that his friend was leaving. Noah was taken out of school and told that he was being taken to meet his new family. There really was no preparation at all for either of the boys. It may be a little awkward at first, but I have the feeling that they'll get re-acquainted very fast!


Darlene said...

I just stumbled across your blog from a link on Blogs for a Cause. What an inspiring story you have! Thank you for answering God's calling on your life!!

Darlene said...

woah! after I typed my first comment, I saw from your profile that you live in York! Hello, neighbor!

Nicola said...

You are an amazing family!
I've been praying for David and you all every day. I hope he has settled well and I will email you next week.
Nicola Hedley
(Child Sponsorship Manager for International China Concern)

diane and leo said...

This is years later but if you should see this I want you to know our family sponsored David for 4 years and I have a stack of photos, updates and letters. Please contact me if you'd like them.